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flesh interfaces

someone is writing a story with reddit comments. pieces of the story are posted as responses to different threads throughout reddit. it's good it's good

someone's collected them in the order they were posted, here

check it out!!! k??
My brother showed it to me, he compared it to Dhalgren and Infinite Jest and said he thinks he likes it more. The story is told from various perspectives and things are explained through parallels. For example, the story deals a lot with something called "flesh interfaces", and at one point the story is told from the perspective of a cat who mentions a human passing through something it calls a "folding interface", which is obviously just a door. I haven't read it yet because I've been stressed out, but I've skimmed some and it seems really good. Nobody knows who the author is. VICE tried to reach out to them and all they got back in response were more pieces of the story, canon pieces that would have been lost had VICE not chosen to publish them for people to see.

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