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Exploding Kittens

This is a very fun game to play if you have half an hour or so to spare. We play it during lunch at work.

Art by The Oatmeal, so you know it's going to be decent.
Was a bit late in backing it back when it was first put up, but I plan on getting it ssometime soon.
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Dignified Pauper
is it as fun as it looks?
Dignified Pauper wrote: is it as fun as it looks?
Yeah it's pretty fun, actually. The cards are fun to read because of the artwork, but the game itself is apparently a clone of some roulette game. But yeah, it's great fun.

It gets tense in the best kind of way the less cards there are left. When you find the kitten card it's fun, especially if you diffuse it, because you get to place it back in the deck (a kitten card only leaves the deck when a player is out, so if you diffuse it, it stays in the deck) as you can be a bastard and place it cunningly to screw someone over.

It's a lot of fun, though I dunno if it's worth the £20 I paid for it, maybe only to support the guys who made it I guess.

I want to grab one of these, as they look immensely fun and there's a lot of content to work with:

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