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I massively enjoyed it, don't get me wrong. Easily one of the best games on the PS4 to date. I just felt it was given a lot of leeway with scores.

The RPG elements were rough (because this is their first Action RPG) The shops were simple and the gear options were as well. I ended the game with a ridiculous amount of shards and nothing to spend them on. I had a pack full of weaves and weapon mods that were generally useless to me or side-grades.

This is just me, but the after-game for me was non-existent. I did all the side quests as they came up and ignored the main quest. By the time I'd unlocked the secret/not-so-secret armour I'd done all side quests and it was sort of game breaking. Once I'd finished that was it, nothing else for me to do

I also got my first ever PSN platinum trophy for this game! Very pleased with that.

But yeah, definitely a fantastic game. I'm looking forward to some substantial DLC and/or a sequel.