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(SPOILER) Kylo's temper tantrums didn't come off as menacing at all, though. He seemed more like a man child, which I think that video Sar posted lampoons.

I see what you're saying, Rey did seem quite adept, but even given Anakin, he was still trained by Qui Gon and Obiwan in the use of the force before being able to do what Rey did in the film. He was surrounded by Jedi eventually and even in a school to train them. Rey lives in a time two generations passed where Jedi are a vague memory.

Luke, Anakin's direct descendant, and also strong with the force, and able to defeat Darth Vader, still took time to master some ways of the force with Yoda. It just seemed more convenient to get Rey up to speed before the next film. I'm sure Luke with be tutoring her in the next film to refine her abilities, as they are more like raw reactions right now.

It was still a massively enjoyable film and I can't believe it's going to be 2017 before the next one :/