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Batman Forever and Batman and Robin are better than the first two for me which I find so incredibly boring. At least they're legitimately insane films and delightful to watch for that reason.

The new Batman Superman movie will be terrible, because Zack Snyder is directing it and he makes horrible trash that's way too long. I'll still see it because it's a Batman movie, but I won't be happy about it.

Star Wars was great, anyone who complains about it can go back to their precious prequels. It had it all and it felt like a Star Wars movie. And I don't know what distinction "video game characters" is.

I saw the h8ful 8ful last night and it was gr8ful. My friends who I went with and I are driving two hours to see the 70mm version in an hour. it's gonna be awesome.

Ex Machina was a favorite film of mine this year. I was the only one of my friends to REALLY enjoy it, but my favorite film of the year is still probably Fury Road. Over the summer I was watching it several times a week.