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Eh, I threatened to torture during a dialogue sequence with an NPC (who was ostensibly friendly towards us, but as a character my rogue is distrustful of authority figures and the NPC in question was a local lord who had given us a quest under false pretenses and we had just found out), then my DM started asking me about my alignment, and when I said I wasn't going to go through with it, he naturally thought I was just backpedaling.

My players in my 5E game are about to hit level four and pretty much none of them have shown interest in taking Lucky as a feat, though I do recognize it as one of the most ridiculously overpowered skills a character can possess, I've simply avoided bringing it up and hopefully it won't become an issue. They're pretty obedient since they're brand new to D&D and they'll kind of follow my lead, so I put post-its on their character sheets with some ideas for recommended feats or ability score improvements, and they tend to come over to my place an hour early to look through the books since none of them have purchased their own player's handbooks or anything yet.

My players tracked down a goblin encampment at one point and killed all but one of the goblins in their sleep, and the final goblin was the subject of some fairly ghastly torture. All of my players at that point were chaotic neutral, but I still had to talk to them about not torturing EVERYONE they encounter (they once circumcised a hobgoblin) and now a friend of mine joined and she's playing a NG druid, so she's sort of keeping them in line for now, but she sleeps in trees at night so they tend to just get up to no good after she's asleep...