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I wanted to respond to this thread of yours a while ago, because I wanted to encourage you to watch it.
I was really pissed off when Affleck was chosen as Bruce Wayne. I thought to myself that it doesn't fit at all. It should have been Josh Brolin. But whatever, I went to theaters anyway, with low to none expectations. The fact that Zack Snyder, a director with a solid, mediocre resume keeps getting the reins really bugs me. Watchmen was simply copy/paste, Man of Steel its best for 10 minutes on Krypton. I just don't understand how he keeps getting control over DC's content. I've been told it's because he delivers and is easy to work with studios, but w/e.

Batman vs Superman had begun its hype as early as I am Legend...if you guys remember the poster in the movie. Being able to call a movie "BATMAN VS SUPERMAN" by Hollywood and seeing it on the big screen...was basically a fantasy for 30 some years, right? So I think, regardless of quality...I was inclined to go watch. Which is why I thought that you, being a huge (real) fan, made a mistake by not watching it in theaters. I understand the refusal to pay for something that basically doesn't deserve it, is what it is.

In this world of capeshit manufactured "universes"...BvS was a breath of fresh air. It's definitely flawed,'s still the latest, modern interpretation of Batman on film. You can still enjoy things like Alfred, the batcave, his gadgets, machines, etc. Batman himself looks p cool, sounds like Batman, not Christian grunting. Idk what to say, but, for the sake of fan service, it's not bad. I don't think Batman has been butchered. The fact that it's still possible to have comic book movies that aren't bound by a generic formula crafted in a committee who are businessmen and not creators, and that fact that it's DC and not Marvel (Disney's), is fucking great honestly. But sadly it seems that was all thrown into the trash with the negative reception, and the meddling the followed in Suicide Squad.

The year is 2017, and Ben Affleck is the Last Hope for Batman in the world of capeshit.