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It's so obvious that suicide squad was irredeemably fucked with, it will forever be a disappointing shell of what should have been. I mean, it already looked like shit with the first press photos released of jared ledo being curahzee and the other cosplay outfits. Everything about this joker seemed so try hard, but he was fine in the movie. Probably the best part. Im not deep in the comics, but I grew up watching dc animation and the 90s movies. Schumacher or w/e gets shit on but at this point that's the character done right imo. I mean, when's the last time we got a proper chase scene with the bat mobile in Gotham? (Chicago is not Gotham) anytime batman was on screen were the best parts of the movie, and that probably makes up like less than 5 min total. The only parts that felt like dc universe were with the joker or batman. Yep my favorite scene was joker vs batman. That is the only shit that matters at this point. The rest of the movie was basically I am legend with cosplayers. It's too bad that despite finding something different that is better than formulaic Disney capeshit in bvs, it gets thrown out the minute a rottentomatoes review turns out negative