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I haven't seen Batman V Superman or the Suicide Squad film, though the animated Suicide Squad movie was nice enough. A common problem I have with live action is that the action movies tend to spend so much time on whatever's the biggest, showiest action at the expense of other stuff like better character development, screen time for non action stuff and generally balancing the movie with other stuff. Animation allows for more variety in the visuals to make the action stand out from other movies in the genre, so even if it can also suffer from some of those problems it tends to be more tolerable for me. I find tv shows, while on a smaller budget, have more time to tell the story and develop characters, so I'd rather have some good shows to watch than constantly hope that an action movie is going to live up to my standards.

To me, the core of Batman's character is that he wants to make Gotham a better place and feels that doing things as Bruce Wayne isn't good enough, especially given all the political and police corruption that tends to be involved. Yes, Batman can be a broody loner who prepares for various situations to the point of potential paranoia and yes, he can be brutal and go about what he does in a morally grey manner but that's not all he is like so many depictions seem to go about portraying him. He's aware many of the people he fights need help too and has taken measure to make it possible for such people to get rehabilitated and receive the help they need. He's tried to help Harvey get psychiatric treatment and provide jobs for people who likely only turned to crime out of desperation. All the Robins, Batgirls and other allies he's had over the years are like a (not so) little family and they all care for each other. It kinda bugs me that the original rendition of Dick becoming Nightwing was just a kid growing up and leaving home to do their own thing while all the other ones seem to be a bunch of drama and fighting like it somehow needs to happen that way. Even Batman can't be a broody anti-hero on the brink of sociopathy all the time or you end up losing the humanizing parts that make him such a great and sympathetic character. For me, the best Batman moments are the ones where he's helping someone in relatively mundane ways, like the above panels and this other one I don't know where to find where he needs information from a girl but takes the time to sit there and wait until she's ready to talk about it.

The whole superheroes fight thing often strikes me as an excuse plot meant to offer fanservice to all those people who argue over who would win in a fight. No matter how you go about it, a lot of people will get pissed about the outcome but doing it badly will likely piss off more viewers. Despite their differences, Batman and Superman tend to be good friends who seem to agree on enough to respect the different way the other goes about doing things. I'd like it if the movies would spend more time exploring their friendship than having them fight at the slightest opportunity.