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tfa should not bear the title of "episode vii". No "Star Wars" that is produced by a Lucasfilm with a vision perverted by Disney should ever be considered an "episode" or Star Wars canon.

Who talks first? You talk first? People have a unified hatred of George Lucas, despite there being a newfound universal love of Star Wars whenever his creation is presented and marketed to the public.

Lucas was a terrible Director? Then why do his films look like classic Hollywood photography compared to JJ's (what a stupid fucking name) helicopter shots?
Here's the most symbolic aspects of the new, fake star wars which represent how third-rate, amateur, lazy, fan-fic tier the series has become, and it will only get worse:

bb8. What the fuck kind of name is bb8. Disney must have gone thru thousands of names trying to brainstorm anything that would compare to "R2-D2" or C-3P0". The name alone is garbage, but the design is worse. "How do we make a new, iconic droid like r2?" Slapping his head on a ball and swapping his color palette seemed to suffice. Whenever you hear R2, it is a joy to the ears. Bb8 sounds like shit. When I read an article as to how JJ decided on the sounds after fucking around on his ipad with a friend, it only confirmed my suspicions.

Finn (another dumbass name). Destroying the mythos behind Stormtroopers. Bloody hand smeared on the helmet: further proof that these people don't know what they're doing to SW. His story sucks and is anti-Star Wars, in that it's undoing what was established in the past 30 years of original storytelling. He is pure comic relief, but his referencing older films his character took no part of is further evidence of a hack at work. Also, he is a buffoon character and idk how that gets a pass in this day.

Kylo Ren (why are all these names such garbage?). Wears a shitty cosplay mask for no reason other than to sell him as a Vader character. Has a shitty voice filter for no reason other than to sell him as a Vader character. Kylo and Rey make SW feel like some Naruto shit.

Rei. I mean Rey (lowkey weeb pandering). Mary Sue. But that's a story for another day.

The music. It's as if even John Williams knew this wasn't a real Star Wars film. And regardless of the quality of the new score, it was not even implemented correctly. The music was a driving force of Lucas' vision. It seems like JJ (lol) forgot that entirely, or simply doesn't know how to use music as a tool in filmmaking.

That final shot. Just compare it to every other final shot. Star Wars would always end in a gorgeous picture frame. Not in 2015. Not without Mr. Lucas, I guess.

Luke Skywalker, and every other iconic Star Wars property. It's as if they are used for the sake of selling Disney's product as "Star Wars". All the original costume, character, creature, machine designs...they are indeed simply props now. Placed in the hands of fans who want Stars Wars to be their way, instead of accepting that it's someone else's creation. It's no longer about creating the latest, greatest cinema spectacle with new worlds, creatures, ships, and futurist vision to shock the senses. No, SW will never again be the highest quality, most original science fiction series of films again.

Every aspect of tfa's story has already been seen in every other, real Star Wars film.

tfa is a souless cashgrab. A rehash of everything Lucas worked for to create, only to undo it for the sake of a profitable machine, or what's called a "cinematic universe" these days.

Part of Lucas' agreement to sell his life's work, was that Disney would utilize his outlines for the next three episodes. He had already begun his new project. Michael Arndt was hired to write. He had contacted the old actors. Everything was thrown out so that Star Wars could become fan fiction. Fuck this gay earth.

Believe what you want, but George Lucas is an auteur. He was responsible for the most successful, most profitable film property. And he had absolutely nothing to do with Hollywood. He was the world's greatest independent filmmaker (or most successful if you'd rather not respect him). Despite being independent from the rest of the industry, he is perhaps most responsible for some of the most significant advancements of the past few decades in film. I honestly believe that it's because of this that his works were never praised or critically acclaimed by Now that it's finally out of his hands, the...folks at Disney are going crazy. Nothing they produce will ever be as good as even a scene from, let's say, Attack of the Clones.