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Aaron Freed: Punch King wrote: I'm not sure I understand your question correctly. Do you mean it's used until you reach the peak amplitude? If so, yes. You would start out at -17.5 dB and, if the peak amplitude ended up being at -12 after you have used the hard limiter that many times, then you would stop at -12. (Each time you use the hard limiter naturally decreases the maximum amplitude, so you can't just use the maximum amplitude immediately after clip fixing the recording as your place to stop - well, you could, but you'd be wasting your time - but this will give you a vague idea of where you'll have to stop after you've done it enough times).

I may not have explained this fully, but it's used to fix the fact that Clip Fix, as currently programmed, overcompensates for clipping when the signal is really distorted. This creates gigantic pops in bass drum hits that are ridiculously overpowered and sound horrible. Using the "hard limiter" (which, as I said, is actually like a hard knee filter) reduces the amplitude of these pops to a reasonable level.
okay here's what i did...
amplify track -20
amplify shows Amplification: 17.7 and New Peak 0.0
hard limiter -17.5 increasing .5 increments until i hit o.o?

thanks so much for your help!