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Did someone say Twin Peaks? The Return came out on BluRay this week, and I won't be getting it because money. I do have both of the Mark Frost books, however. And all of the Twin Peaks Pop! Vinyls. I'm still pissed off about (SPOILER) Audrey's storyline, or lack thereof. She definitely deserved better. Frost explained what happened to Audrey in the Final Dossier, but it really didn't satisfy me at all. I'm really sad that (SPOILER) they turned Agent Jeffries into a giant fucking tea kettle.

Am I the only one who likes Tammy? So much hate for her in various forums... :/

I know that Lynch has said that Eraserhead is -- at least in part -- about (SPOILER) his daughter Jennifer being born with a club foot, and his anxieties regarding that.

As far as the (SPOILER) Monica Bellucci dream, I think it's just Lynch finding an excuse to put his crush on the show. Not complaining, though.

Any thoughts on Inland Empire?
You know I'm not a saint...

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