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Every time celebrities die people are really excited to point out that they don't care and that anyone who has emotional attachments to works of art and the people who make those works of art must be an emotional loon. I've been getting it specifically this week about Carrie Fisher (who is also like to point out is almost the same age and physically looks a LOT like my mother--we have connections to these people for lots of reasons), and I've really gotten irritated with it. I've honestly gotten it all year, especially when Prince and Bowie died. Like, I've literally listened to that music my whole life. I have about as much emotional context for that music and the artists that created it as I do for my family or my friends.

To be certain, some people just don't like art, or aren't particularly attached to it. My sister hates art, movies, music. Music is the thing that the radio does when you drive to her. Some people like art but keep it at arm's length. I've always taken media and culture very seriously.

I watched the original trilogy probably a hundred times as a child. Star Wars is as integral to my childhood as my schoolyard friends or baby rattles or whatever. I also happen to be pretty emotional in general and I don't like hiding it or pretending I'm not. If you're not that's fine, but I think there's a lot of strength in owning that shit.