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The Hacker Wars - 8/10
Quite enjoyable documentary on Anonymous and the role hacking plays from a societal point of view. Whether or not what they're doing and the beliefs they hold are correct or agreeable doesn't make it less of an interesting and entertaining watch.

Pentatonix: On My Way Home - 10/10
I'll admit, I'm biased on this one. I like Pentatonix's music. I watch Super Fruit on Youtube occasionally. I enjoy their music and their voices. Watching a documentary on them and one of their tours was done purely out of entertainment for me.

Stripped - 9.5/10
Great documentary on comic strips. An especially interesting watch for me considering I did grow up reading the Sunday comics, and still do read them. But to the same point, I enjoy web comics. Not as much as some people, and I certainly don't keep up with them, but I went to PAX South this past January, I read Mall Monkeys in high school, I will read the occasional web comic strip here and there but haven't read any religiously in years. On the flip side, whenever I go to B&N I always head straight for the comics and games section first and see if there's a new Zits collection out.
I enjoy the print and internet medium, so it was a little revealing to hear straight from the artists their take on the decline in print papers. Being in a large city, I'm not overly concerned about ever losing the Life & Arts section and not being able to read some strips while I do the crossword, but that doesn't mean there isn't going to be a time when most of comic reading is done online.
This documentary is very similar to Word Play (also a great documentary on crossword puzzles) I think, where it's showcasing and interviewing people who are in a profession that is shifting into a new form and is changing how it's being broadcast to its audience. To hear from established old school comic cartoon artists (Bill Waterson was interviewed and recorded which is awesome - voice only) and new generation artists (Penny Arcade, Dinosaur Comics, etc.) on their opinions, ideas, fears, and the future of comics was cool.

All of these are on Netflix.