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I also literally just finished rewatching The Fountain. When I was younger, this was my favorite movie. I haven't seen it since it came out in 2006 (I would have been 16 at the time). I'm really conflicted about it. Taken at face value the film is a its best an ambitious failure. A movie that collapses under its own weight. The movie is apparently about three different characters in three different timelines trying to defeat death. However after thinking about it for a few hours its really a movie about coping with death. I do think that it might be only okay, but I still definitely love it. I think it is initially impossible to parse, and comes across as incoherent garbage. But after dedicating a lot of thought to it, I think its a really smart and insightful film that is tragically flawed in the way it tries to present its message to its audience. I really did love it though, and will probably revisit it and try to write a decent amount about it if someone cares. I think it is still my favorite film but for really different reasons than I used to.
Heavy hearts come hold our hands
The planets help you understand
Light and dark are on and off
And all thats' left is us

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