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Aaron Freed: Punch King wrote: Yeah, there is really nothing I'm aware of that can always fix albums that are brickwalled with non-clipping methods. Sometimes there are other releases that are less compressed. Sometimes the vinyl mixes are less compressed; other times they're exactly the same mix as the CDs. I recently mixed down the 5.1-channel mixes of several Porcupine Tree albums to stereo. Some channels of those are still compressed (notably the main left and main right channels), and you can tell that some sort of compression was applied to the drums, but the overall mix ends up being much less compressed than the CDs - I ended up recovering around 7 dB of dynamic range on In Absentia, around 10 on Deadwing, around 4 on Fear of a Blank Planet/Nil Recurring, and around 3.5 on The Incident. (I also had to clip fix In Absentia before mixing it down. Really, Lava? You thought it was a good idea to clip a freaking DVD-A mix? The plus is that the fixed version sounds amazing, probably better than the other mixdowns I did or any of my other clip fixed recordings).

But yeah, for albums that aren't clipped and don't have other releases, there usually isn't much you can do. Sometimes clip fix still will recover enough DR to make a difference even when the recording doesn't appear to be clipped, but I haven't determined a sure-fire way of telling which recordings these are short of just running it and seeing what it does.
those pt mixes sound awesome. Steven's last album was very well mixed and mastered. i bet he'll go back to some of those PT releases and remaster them. i didn't know even his most recent PT releases had been jacked up.
well, at least the clipfix helps with some listener fatigue. i'm not recovering much range with the new rush and others, but have really helped the two recent dream theater releases. or, this all could just be a placebo effect