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"Of course I knew that man, we are a small mining community afterall. His name is Norvin. He runs one of the mills just south of town.

I am Godfred Alrand, and aside from being the barkeeper, I'm also the nearest equivalent to mayor. We've been having terrible trouble with a group of thugs who moved into the mountains to the north a month back. Apparently, they're some kind of cult of Erythnul. We never had crime here before, now we get a murder every second day! Stonefall is too small a town to have a proper militia, so we sent for Paladins, but they never came!

You and your friends, you look like you could help? We can't offer you much but I'll give you all the food you can eat and free lodging while you hunt them down, and I'm sure they have some riches on them by now. We could really do with your help..."

OOC: Tutorial ^^: Here you should discuss as a party weather you want to help these people or not.
You could also develop some kind of strategy. For example you may want to ask around about the cult (characters with a good Gather Information skill do well here, remember that half-elves get a +2 bonus to it).

If you don't its fine, we can move along. Normally I wont be so forceful about quest-ish stuff, but because this is the first game for almost all of you, I got to get it rollin'.
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