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Aryn Heal Check: [D20 = 12] + 2 assist < 15
Frederick Heal Check: [d20 = 12] + 6 > 15

With Aryn's help, Frederick's superior healing skills stabilise the man. He is weakened and unconscious still, but he is stable for now.

The barkeeper, kneeling beside the fallen man, turns to the healers and says "Thank you, strangers!" he turns to one of the onlookers. "Where in Pelor's name is the doctor?! Anyway, let me get you a drink. Creyg, Rourke, take this man down to the doctor, and ask him why he's taking so long!"

The bar begins to clear, and the barkeeper walks off towards the bar. "Now, what can I get you and also, who are you?"

OOC: I was going to wait if Unglar and Arschloch wanted to do an action/input of some kind (perhaps not of the healing kind? lol), but seeing as well over 24 hours have past (which itself is too slow for my liking), it'll be okay.

Also, is everyone happy how I'm gonna be doing the rolls?

Tutorialising!: Anyone assisting someone in a skill will gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the character being assisted. I decided to do something slightly different in this instance, but will return to norm.
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