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Toementor 2015/11/02 19:35:19

The Prime Campaign: Game Thread
There are many lands beneath the eyes of the ever-watchful Gods and this world, this land, is called Kehros. It is primal land of storm-wracked peaks and shadowed forests, illuminated by a golden sun. Here there is a land called Lorreon, for the people of this land are the subjects of a Priest-Emperor and his Paladins of Lorreonor. This, however, matters little for now. It is not under the watch of such things that this adventure starts, but in a remote, mountain town called Stonefall. It is here, in the Pick and Hammer tavern, that we begin.

The Pick and Hammer is a small, rural tavern. Several townsfolk sit about drinking, and there is the distinct feel of clamour in the air.

OOC: Right. We're kicking this thing off. You should all start by describing what your character is doing at the moment. For AD and Aaron this would be a perfect time to introduce your characters' names and such. It's nice to speak about your character as if in the third person.

Spellcasters should declare what spells they have prepared for today.
Frederick: You get to choose five 0-level, and three 1st-level spells, and one of your Domain spells from the Cleric spells from pg. 183.

Aaron's char: Bards don't actually have to prepare spells the way a Cleric or Wizard would, how ever, they are still limited to spells they know, and how many times they can cast per day. Please choose 4 0-level spells your character knows from the Bard spell list from pg. 181. You can currently cast 5 spells per day.

Remember you can prepare the same spell more than once, if you want to be able to cast it multple time today.

For gear; For now Frederick may currently take 4 potions of Cure Light Wounds. The Fighter and Bard may also take one of such potions.

All characters will be equipped with general adventuring gear such as a backpack with a tent, bedroll, sack, flint and steel, x days rations, a torch or two, etc.

PC's XP & Lvl
Frederick: 350, 1 Clrc
Unglar: 350, 1 Bbrn
Arschloch: 350, 1 Fghtr
Aryn: 325, 1 Brd

Drav 2015/11/03 09:11:46

L-0: Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Read Magic, Resistance
L-1: Cure Light Wounds, Inflict Light Wounds, Command
Domain: Protection from Chaos

I'm impatiently waiting for the others, occupying a table but not ordering anything.

gjb911169 2015/11/05 01:59:03

Unglar the Barbarian wanders into the Pick and Hammer. He sits at a table looking for a tankard of ale.

Toementor 2015/11/05 11:13:47

A barmaid of ample proportions hurries to Unglar's table and lays a tankard of ale in front of him, not bothering to ask for payment due to his menacing and uncomfortable appearance. The Tavernkeep scowls at her, and she is clearly upset by this. Frederick overhears that her next pay is going to be cut short.

OOC: Remember that it is fine for PCs to interact with each other, DM input is not always needed. Some circumstances are a lot more strict however. Don't forget that you can do anything. Or at least try to. This is not a video game remember!

Also; someone with rights, can you remove Greg's post in here about his weapon and armour, and/or edit his char sheet to include them?

gjb911169 2015/11/06 11:33:19

Unglar picks up his tankard of Ale and nods to the barmaid. He slowly moves to the table occupied by Fredrick. "Hello." He sits and begins to slowly enjoy the ale.

Drav 2015/11/06 12:40:18

"You're late, friend. I wasted my youth in establishments such as this; I am not keen on wasting a second longer. And I suspect the barkeep is not please I have not ordered anything. Try to make that last until our companions arrive."

gjb911169 2015/11/06 23:33:25

"Friend, I will finish this and wait with you. This place seems friendly but the tavern keeper may be upset if we stay here long."

AD 2015/11/07 01:21:04

Arschloch the Defecator II, Member of Bog needs no introduction, and refuses to interact with drunks in a pub.

Drav 2015/11/07 03:33:18

"Is that fool yelling things in the street one of ours, orc?"

gjb911169 2015/11/10 01:03:08

"Seems to be one of ours. Why hollar like that and make a scene. Let us go and find out what the fuss is about."

Drav 2015/11/15 10:02:31

I shrug and leave with Unglar, wondering if there is a fireworks factory in town.

Better Ghost 2015/11/15 20:21:53

"Sorry I'm late. You know how it is, so many commitments to deal with."

Toementor 2015/11/16 19:31:38

Immediately after the Bard's arrival, before Frederick and Unglar can reply, the door of the tavern bursts open, and a rain-drenched man stumbles in, sways a moment, then falls to the floor. His back is pierced by four long arrows.

The barkeeper rushes to his side, yelling "someone get the the doctor!".

OOC: Yes, I am clearly trying to keep you in the tavern for now. Heh. Anyway, may this ball start rolling!

Better Ghost 2015/11/17 06:15:14

I rush over to the man and tend to his wounds.

Drav 2015/11/17 11:28:56

I'll attempt to stabilize him, presuming he isn't already dead.

Toementor 2015/11/18 22:41:30

Aryn Heal Check: [D20 = 12] + 2 assist < 15
Frederick Heal Check: [d20 = 12] + 6 > 15

With Aryn's help, Frederick's superior healing skills stabilise the man. He is weakened and unconscious still, but he is stable for now.

The barkeeper, kneeling beside the fallen man, turns to the healers and says "Thank you, strangers!" he turns to one of the onlookers. "Where in Pelor's name is the doctor?! Anyway, let me get you a drink. Creyg, Rourke, take this man down to the doctor, and ask him why he's taking so long!"

The bar begins to clear, and the barkeeper walks off towards the bar. "Now, what can I get you and also, who are you?"

OOC: I was going to wait if Unglar and Arschloch wanted to do an action/input of some kind (perhaps not of the healing kind? lol), but seeing as well over 24 hours have past (which itself is too slow for my liking), it'll be okay.

Also, is everyone happy how I'm gonna be doing the rolls?

Tutorialising!: Anyone assisting someone in a skill will gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the character being assisted. I decided to do something slightly different in this instance, but will return to norm.

gjb911169 2015/11/19 23:36:24

Glad to see you all can perform healing. This area seems sketchy with wounded people falling through doors. We must be ready for combat.

OOC: I am fine with you doing the rolls.

Drav 2015/11/20 13:04:13

OCC: Same. Roll away.

I address the barkeeper. "My name is Fredrick. Did you know that man? If so, he should know that a priest of Lathander saved his life, and if he's a decent sort he'll know how to show his gratitude. I don't suppose we're in danger here?"

Toementor 2015/11/21 23:01:03

"Of course I knew that man, we are a small mining community afterall. His name is Norvin. He runs one of the mills just south of town.

I am Godfred Alrand, and aside from being the barkeeper, I'm also the nearest equivalent to mayor. We've been having terrible trouble with a group of thugs who moved into the mountains to the north a month back. Apparently, they're some kind of cult of Erythnul. We never had crime here before, now we get a murder every second day! Stonefall is too small a town to have a proper militia, so we sent for Paladins, but they never came!

You and your friends, you look like you could help? We can't offer you much but I'll give you all the food you can eat and free lodging while you hunt them down, and I'm sure they have some riches on them by now. We could really do with your help..."

OOC: Tutorial ^^: Here you should discuss as a party weather you want to help these people or not.
You could also develop some kind of strategy. For example you may want to ask around about the cult (characters with a good Gather Information skill do well here, remember that half-elves get a +2 bonus to it).

If you don't its fine, we can move along. Normally I wont be so forceful about quest-ish stuff, but because this is the first game for almost all of you, I got to get it rollin'.

gjb911169 2015/11/23 11:07:56

"Trouble...I like this. My mighty axe has not tasted combat in a while. Maybe we should help. These seem to be good people....and free food."

Drav 2015/11/23 13:11:44

"Erythnul is a scourge. Will will assist of course."

Better Ghost 2015/11/23 18:44:25

"Far be it from me to turn down the opportunity to assist people in need, and it's hard to turn down free lodging and food. I vote to stay as well."

AD 2015/11/25 22:19:00

Arschloch doesn't know what's going on, but is totes down with murdering some bandits.

Toementor 2015/11/25 23:03:22

"I'm glad you'll help us, travellers! This menace has been like a plague on the townsfolk. I have a room spare for each of you upstairs, and help yourself to the provisions in the kitchen." he hands the [kitchen] key to Aryn. "I'm going to chat to Agrilond, he's the best hunter in the town. I'll get him to lead you up there. Make yourselves at home!" And with that he leaves.

Okay, so now you're free to do as you want. As Stonefall is a small town, and its night time, there isn't a lot to do. While you can still do whatever you want, my suggestion is to sleep.

Spellcasters may choose to pray for/prepare new spells if they want to, if they choose to sleep. Though the Bard can still only prepare the spells that they know.

gjb911169 2015/11/26 23:13:33

"I am heading to sleep. This has been a long day. Good night all."

Better Ghost 2015/11/26 23:18:15

"Eating and then sleeping seems like a good idea, so I shall do so."

Drav 2015/11/28 07:14:13

I follow the others.

AD 2015/11/29 07:45:18

OOC:I'm way too lazy to read the story and understand what's going on cuz cba and lazy.

I'm going to explore the street immediately outside of the tavern.


Toementor 2015/11/29 22:29:21

Aryn moves behind the bar and attempts to eat the rag that Godfred had been using to wipe tables AND clean the various drinking vessels of the tavern. It has a taste of grit, beer dregs, and a faint scent of lemon that indicates that the rag itself has not been cleaned properly for a good week or so.

Aryn Spot Check [D20 = 14] + 0 = > DC 11

Whilst putting down the rag, Aryn glances out the window momentarily, and spots a human figure wearing a hood move past the window. Dismissing this, Aryn and Unglar climb the stairs with Frederick following behind. Aryn takes the first room to the left, and Unglar moves into the second. Frederick follows Unglar into his. The rooms are of a common disposition, they are in no ways extravagent, but it is better than sleeping on the street or in the stable. Each room has a bed suitable for up to two humanoid beings, which two pillows are atop. There is a trunk at the foot of each bed for the storage of personal belongings, and a bed-side table adorned with candle and candlestick, and a tiny tinderbox. Frederick decides to hop into Unglar's bed and spoons before drifting off.

Arschloch is now on the main road [facing NW] of Stonefall which runs from South-West to North-East. There are several smaller roads streaming off in north, west, and easterly directions. It would be very dark if it weren't for the torches outside the buildings in the center of town. Carts lie along the side of the road. There are two crates outside the tavern.

Arschloch Spot Check [D20 = 19] + 0 = > DC 15

In the near distance, Arschloch sees a hooded figure dart around the corner of another building with an Anvil sign over the road. This figure makes some sort of hand gesture almost reminiscent to the twirling of a hand. Two hooded figures emerge from a side alley, whilst another drops from a low-hanging roof of a building to the North. The first hooded figure re-emerges from the corner. They are roughly 130 feet away, and are slowly slinking towards the tavern.

OOC: Alright, presently Arschloch is outside, downstairs and (soon to be) outnumbered. He might be able to take all four, but it is unlikely. For reference, he is between the attackers and the stairs. The others are upstairs and asleep. The sounds of shouting /might/ wake them. Otherwise you'll most likely want to go get them.

I'm going to run combat relatively loosely for flow for now. Simply, I'll roll initiative, take turns in order. Remember, you've only got about the time it takes to, say, drink a potion each turn. For this battle, however, because Arschloch was alert when they came into view, he gets the first action.

Aryn chewed on the rag, and the others got to spoon because of lack of substance. You know. Do some things. What did you eat? What did you drink? What else are you doing? Etc. Extra XP for good roleplaying, o.k?

gjb911169 2015/11/30 01:16:59

Party members hear light snoring from my room.

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