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Better Ghost 2015/08/31 19:37:32

Death Metal
Haven't been keeping up with new releases much. Name some highlights of the year or overlooked gems from the past few years I might have missed.

Infestation_Pit 2015/10/10 02:40:39

New Adversarial is the best DM album of the year for me.
YouTube Video

Toementor 2015/10/10 16:45:33

I don't know about best, but it was certainly a standout. Others include (in order);

Sulphur Aeon
Hate Eternal
Now Adversarial
Pissgrave (Yes, the new Krisiun was better than Pissgrave)
Wombbath (solid, but nothing special tbh)

There are oters, but I'm just going by what I've heard in the past three months or so.

Kane 2015/10/10 22:04:18

Nile will probably always be my favorite death metal band. I know they're not the best technically or any other way really but I just love their style and I love the Egyptian History bent to it.


Matt 2015/11/04 00:18:43

Dunno if they're DM, but Behemoth have done some new stuff. I've given up trying to generificate the music I listen to. I know I like some of each genre, but not all, so I can never tie it down.

I found these lately and they're pretty decent. They sound a bit like "The Ocean" and other bands. They played the UK Tech Fest, which I only just found out about, and looks valid as fuck.

YouTube Video


I also saw Decapitated live last year with Behemoth. They were utterly relentless. Really good live. Most bands sort of stop occasionally and talk to the crowd and stuff. Decapitated didn't. They started playing and didn't stop for about 50 minutes. I had to go and sit down afterwards and just recover from the onslaught.

Matt 2015/11/06 21:21:33

The remaster of Opeth's Deliverence and Damnation is pretty nice.

Better Ghost 2015/11/06 21:25:14

Didn't even know those existed. Cheers for mentioning it. Hopefully they have more dynamic range than the originals. Wilson did Damnation so I'm assuming so.

Matt 2015/11/06 21:31:08

They're relatively new I think. I caught a mention of them on Facebook, and just now remembered they exist.

They're a lot less tinny and the bass is more defined, from what I can tell.

Infestation_Pit 2015/12/12 03:16:34

Recently gave the new Undergang a proper listen after remembering Asbestos Death recommending it, and it's quite good.

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