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Better Ghost 2015/08/27 07:16:23 accounts
The site is a shadow of what it once was, but it's probably still helpful to have links to people's accounts. Mine is Cassandra-Leo.

Asbestosdeaf 2015/08/27 21:22:00

This is my account in case Lastfm ever stops sucking ass:

Dalkaen 2015/08/27 23:06:19

That should work but I typed it from my phone so who knows.

Wonderglue 2015/08/29 14:23:54

Here is mine. I thought i would never use that site again after the redesign, but i am still scrobbling. So there is that.

mithrandir 2015/08/30 01:22:41 :(

Kane 2015/08/30 02:42:46

Mine is Meuterei.

krumbledkookie 2015/08/30 03:13:52

I am still scrobbling too. I'd still prefer to use but if they're not going to reactivate the groups than this will do.

In any case, my profile is here:

Asbestosdeaf 2015/09/01 20:43:35

By the way this is what lastfm has got to say about the groups:


"To pretty much replicate what I said about journals in a different conversation: groups and their forums are definitely coming back, but they haven't been built yet. Again, I'm not sure how long this will take, so please bear with us while we restore this feature for you.
So I guess we can make ourselves confortable here because we won't be moving in a bit.

Toementor 2015/09/06 05:25:31

Still the same.

Infestation_Pit 2015/11/15 22:44:59

Same here

sacredserenity 2016/06/22 12:22:42

Better Ghost 2016/06/22 17:33:36

Welcome to the boards :monster:

Sar 2016/06/24 09:14:57

My listening habits are depressing and I'd rather not have them tracked.

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