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Fidel Castro 2018/08/11 01:06:56

Since Emuparadise was shut down, what's the next option for browsing ROMs and ISOs? Sadly they're getting fewer and fewer and those I know of that still exist (I assume (coolrom and some other site) are lacking when it comes to versions and regions and Nintendo games (fuck Nintendo's lawyer division btw (or just fuck Nintendo altogether for letting the F-Zero franchise die while being the company that hoards the most money in all of Japan (they have like, trillions in their bank accounts)))

Is shade still here and would he know of any place?
(This is all assuming anyone is still here.)

Better Ghost 2018/08/11 21:54:16

I’m still here, but unfortunately I no longer know/remember any ROM sites either. Did you try just googling whatever ROM/ISO you want? Torrent sites might be your best option for ISOs but I doubt ROMs are large enough for them to care about, unless there’s a huge pack of them somewhere.

Player 2 2018/08/11 22:03:50


soulseek works for games and im sure there are fat torrent packages of roms/isos too

Fidel Castro 2018/08/12 02:33:48

Thanks for the suggestions, I asked mostly to see if I could get direct links to somewhere because I'm lazy but I'll do some searches. There was something about's selection I didn't like (can't remember what it was anymore, maybe that their roms tended to not have the right checksum for applying patches or something) but I guess one can't afford to be picky anymore.

Player 2 2018/08/12 03:22:11

forsure. what games u tryna play bro?

Fidel Castro 2018/08/14 00:15:17

Basically most of the ones listed here, except for the ones I already have and the games that obviously don't apply here (PC, PS3, PS4). I used to have them all but then my PC crashed and I couldn't recover everything.

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