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Sar 2017/09/22 04:48:43

I just came back from the bar and I am in no state to discuss this, but I opened this thread so now someone has to post in it so tomorrow it'll show up in new posts and we can talk about this because I've got opinions.

Roger Mexico, Gentleman 2017/09/22 13:08:16

Oliver, you should respond to this thread.

Drav 2017/12/16 09:56:25

He'll respond in 25 years.

DigitalGhost 2017/12/16 15:46:32

Did someone say Twin Peaks? The Return came out on BluRay this week, and I won't be getting it because money. I do have both of the Mark Frost books, however. And all of the Twin Peaks Pop! Vinyls. I'm still pissed off about (SPOILER) Audrey's storyline, or lack thereof. She definitely deserved better. Frost explained what happened to Audrey in the Final Dossier, but it really didn't satisfy me at all. I'm really sad that (SPOILER) they turned Agent Jeffries into a giant fucking tea kettle.

Am I the only one who likes Tammy? So much hate for her in various forums... :/

I know that Lynch has said that Eraserhead is -- at least in part -- about (SPOILER) his daughter Jennifer being born with a club foot, and his anxieties regarding that.

As far as the (SPOILER) Monica Bellucci dream, I think it's just Lynch finding an excuse to put his crush on the show. Not complaining, though.

Any thoughts on Inland Empire?

Better Ghost 2018/04/17 01:26:36

The Expanse is very likely the best science fiction show this decade, and somehow it seems to get better each season. I can't possibly hope to do justice to everything going on in it, but the writing, acting, direction, cinematography, effects, and other aspects are about as good as anything on television right now.

Overall, I'll cop to being way behind on my TV viewing, though. About 70% of my viewing is just late-night comedy these days. Another 10% is probably MSNBC. Recent scripted TV shows I've watched and enjoyed:

The Orville - I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. The jokes occasionally fall flat, but not all that often, and it's not as if jokes are really the point of this show anyway. Much as this was marketed as a parody of Star Trek, it's really more of a tribute with occasional jokes thrown in.

Star Trek: Discovery: Like the Abrams Trek films, this doesn't really feel like Star Trek, but also like the Abrams Trek films, it's still really enjoyable, helped out by a strong cast. I started off listing people I felt were highlights and then realised I had most of the cast listed. It's dark for Star Trek, but it still tells a compelling story, and somehow manages to bring itself back 'round to the idealistic side by the end of the season.

Instinct: This reminds me quite a bit of Castle, but without the romantic tension between the leads (obviously, since Alan Cumming's Dylan Reinhart is gay). It's actually kind of shocking to me that it took this long for an American network to make a scripted show with a gay lead character. To CBS' credit, they don't milk too much drama out of this; it's an important part of Reinhart's characterisation, but it's probably only about #7 from the top. Apart from this, it's a pretty standard police procedural, but it's fun, and sometimes that's just what I need.

Lost in Space: Was legitimately not expecting to like this as much as I do. I'm only about one and a half episodes into it so far, but it has a lot of heart to it. It seems to have kept the best aspects of both the original TV show and the film (both of which were not exactly great works of art, but still had redeeming features) while adding some new modern elements that work.

Bull - I think I might've given a cursory review of this when it premiered. It was... OK in its first season - enough that I watched it when it was in the queue, but I didn't feel bad about missing episodes. Michael Weatherly was the main reason to watch it at that point. It's gotten a lot better in its second season, to the point where I make it a point not to miss episodes anymore. The characterisation has gotten a lot stronger and the show now does a commendable job dramatising some serious issues with our legal system.

There are a few other long-runners I'm still watching - Modern Family, NCIS, etc. And there are several scripted shows I watch on my own that I'm... honestly way behind on. Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, The Blacklist, etc. For that matter, I'm also way behind on shows I watch with just one of my parents - Archer, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, etc. Notice that some of these have ended or been cancelled, and others haven't aired new episodes in months or longer. And this isn't a complete list of these.

Beyond that, there are plenty of other shows I want to watch but just haven't gotten around to. (In some cases it doesn't help that I don't have the networks that air them - usually Starz or Showtime.) Maybe I'll list some of these later.

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