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Toementor 2015/11/05 10:15:55


Manny wrote: (Post 1607975)
Gave Bojack Horseman a try and it didn't really do anything for me, may give it another go but meh :-/

How far did you get through?

Sar 2015/11/05 20:39:21

Nathan for You.

Liquid 2015/11/06 12:41:52

Let's see, we're actively watching The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and Empire. We're also hype about RuPaul's Drag Race starting super soon. I am also following The Leftovers. I''ve got True Detective season 2 sitting around (decided I didn't want to watch it week by week), though I'm ready to be disappointed by that, Season 1 is a tough act to follow.

Drav 2015/11/07 08:58:48

Tried to buy Sense8 on DVD today but apparently it isn't available here yet :(

Drav 2015/11/08 09:43:25

Welp, we've filled the One Genuinely Great Doctor Who Episode quota for season 9, so I guess they can slack off for the last few. Just in time for a Mark Gatiss episode.

Sar 2015/11/08 21:47:22

I've never seen that show. My sister likes it. I feel like it's specifically marketed towards tween girls these days. Maybe I'm wrong, but the way my sister talks about it assures me that I'm right.

Better Ghost 2015/11/08 22:02:04

It's sort of marketed towards everyone, really. Unlike a lot of shows that attempt this, it actually succeeds at it.

Watched the first half of the latest two-parter and it's really good.

Better Ghost 2015/11/08 23:38:28

So yeah, with "The Zygon Inversion" that's three episodes in a row that I consider instant classics. Capaldi's climactic exchange with Bonnie is quite likely to be the defining moment of his Doctor. Phenomenal acting by everyone involved.

Sar 2015/11/09 17:19:50

I'm sure it's very cute and quirky. I've probably seen one full episode and I just didn't get it. In other news, my roommate and I watched a bit of Masters of None on a friend's recommendation and I quite liked it.

Ace Venom 2015/11/09 22:48:24

I've been actively watching Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and iZombie. As far as web series go, I'd recommend checking out Star Trek Continues. It's a fan production, but it's definitely in the spirit of TOS. Obviously, I'd also recommend Hell on Wheels.

Better Ghost 2015/11/09 23:00:01


Sar wrote: (Post 1608058)
I'm sure it's very cute and quirky. I've probably seen one full episode and I just didn't get it.

Some episodes are probably better starting places than others. The best starting place might be "Blink", even though it barely has the Doctor in it.

Sar 2015/11/10 19:43:52

Yeah, come to think of it, my friend showed me that episode in one of his many desperate attempts to get me into the show and it did nothing for me. That's the one where David Tennant is warning some lady about statues that come after you every time you blink?

Better Ghost 2015/11/10 19:55:04

It is, yeah. I'll try to think of some other episodes that might interest you, then. Maybe "The Empty Child" and its sequel "The Doctor Dances". A lot of Capaldi's episodes are really good but they also rely heavily on continuity so they may not be the best for new watchers. Maybe "Listen" would work on its own. Or maybe "The Eleventh Hour" from Matt Smith's era.

Sar 2015/11/10 21:27:02

I'll give some of them a shot over the next few weeks. I like that Matt Smith. I saw him in that movie Ryan Gosling directed that I really liked.

Better Ghost 2015/11/11 07:03:18

Yeah, he's pretty great. "Vincent and the Doctor" is another great Matt Smith episode that might stand well on its own.

Toementor 2015/11/12 01:54:34

Not so much TV I guess, but I've started watching the One-Punch Man animu. Rather enjoying it and its parody of your Superman-like characters. Moonbeam City is coming out far too slow for my liking.

Charlie 2015/11/13 18:09:53


KaaVink wrote: (Post 1607168)
Mr. Robot is currently the best thing I've seen in a long, long time.

Aaron, you should watch it.

Yes. Really enjoying this, even Christian Slater's presence doesn't bother me. Well made, great choice of lead. It's this year's True Detective (season one).

Also watching Walking Dead but struggling as every season has been the same, I'm just so bloody committed though!

I have enjoyed Les Revenant and The Leftovers but a lot of reoccurring themes. I would recommend the former for something a bit different.

Drav 2015/11/15 09:13:53

Mark fucking Gatiss.

Sar 2015/11/17 04:56:03

Last Week Tonight has been filling the hole in my life left by the absence of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. My dad told me "I guess you'll actually have to watch the news now".

Better Ghost 2015/11/17 05:08:00

Last Week Tonight is amazing. I don't watch every episode but every time I watch one I always think I should go and watch the ones I missed.

Sar 2015/11/17 05:10:04

I believe I've seen every one of them. I have HBO GO and tend to watch them after work on Mondays.

Better Ghost 2015/11/17 05:13:02

I have HBO GO too. Maybe after I finish my latest Archer re-watch I'll go watch every Last Week Tonight. The ones I've already seen are probably worth watching again anyway.

Sar 2015/11/17 05:23:56

Yeah, I've rewatched a few of them. His breakdowns of issues are really, really good. I've sent them to friends of mine when I'm trying to catch them up on an issue. I'm forgetting a lot of the really good ones now, but I can remember sending people the one on bail, the one on prison and the one on civil asset forfeiture.

Better Ghost 2015/11/17 05:35:48

Agreed. In fact, he does a better job breaking down complex issues than most serious journalists do, I find. It's one of the things that makes the show so great. I'd honestly probably rank it above TDS and TCR at this point, even though it obviously owes a lot to both of them.

Drav 2015/11/17 12:36:22

So that Steven Universe show is pretty good.

Drav 2015/11/24 23:47:16

"I did it again! I picked another stupid ape."

Just kidding I ;________;

Sar 2015/11/25 18:11:54

what's steven universe all about? what's the appeal? I hear great things but I'm not sure what it's selling.

Drav 2015/11/26 09:46:41

It's just a cute cartoon that's well written in a way that shows like this generally aren't. But yeah I guess it's not-so-subtly selling leftist politics as well.

Sar 2015/11/27 10:22:11

That's all fine by me. I'll check it out soon.

I just finished Master of None which I thought was so goddamn good.

Better Ghost 2015/11/27 15:21:19

I need to check that out. The Man in the High Castle is amazing, by the way. I've only seen the pilot but it's so, so good.

Also, The Blacklist doesn't come back until January. baw ;_;

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