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Better Ghost 2015/08/27 04:34:28

What are you reading?
Currently a little under halfway through Erikson's Memories of Ice. Thus far the series has lived up to the hype, and is doing a lot to ease the wait for The Winds of Winter. I've also been slacking on a re-read of Asimov's Foundation, which I'm also about halfway through.

Frankenrin 2015/08/27 13:23:02

My reading is fucking out of control right now. I'm reading:
- Heretics: Adventures with the enemies of science by Will Storr, a book that explores why intelligent people believe absurd stuff and tries to find out where our own beliefs come from.
- The Book of Barely Imagined Beings, a modern age bestiary that explores one animal each from A to Z and examines our connection to it. So far I'm up to "Q" for Quetzalcoatlus and it's been a great read.
- Lord of the Flies, yeah, the William Golding one about kids killing themselves on an island.
- A collection of Lovecraft stories. Still the best. Ordered an anthology of modern lovecraftian shorts as well. Loved Jeff Vandermeer's Annihilation as well, just had the right vibe.
- The Fantastic Four Omnibus Volume 1, collecting the first 30 or so issues of Stan Lee's and Jack Kirby's legendary run on the FF. I've also been reading the old golden age Marvel comics (with the Torch and Sub-Mariner) and it's impressive how far they've come since then. Even today the FF comics are a great, if totally ludicrous, read. It has space-faring dinosaurs. It's awesome.

Read a whole bunch of other comics, the best ones recently have been Wytches, Outcast, Revival and Nimona. Great stuff. Anyone else here into comic books?

And how'S Foundation holding up? I've never read any of it. Should I?

Better Ghost 2015/08/27 18:17:56

It's really good. It's a product of the time it was written so you'll have to deal with stuff like the fact that there are barely any female characters (although at least the viewpoint character of the second half of the third book is female) and the fact that nuclear power is way more important than it probably ought to be, but as far as the quality of the actual work itself it's still a basically unsurpassed science fiction masterpiece that deserves basically all the hype it's gotten. It's being made into a series by HBO too so you'll probably want to read it ahead of that.

I like comics a lot, but don't read them too often. The last thing I read was that Orphan Black tie-in.

Asbestosdeaf 2015/08/27 20:46:06

Currently reading Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinand Céline. While it's a rather tiresome read (I haven't been able to go through half of the thing in more than two months now) it is also absolutely savage and nasty. It is also rather funny sometimes, in a fucked up sort of way. No wonder he was such an inspiration to the likes of Bukowski, etc.

Kane 2015/08/28 11:17:17

I'm on Reaper's Gale now (Malazan book 7) and like, everyone should read this series because it owns.

Infestation_Pit 2015/08/29 09:04:53

Starfish by Peter Watts

mithrandir 2015/08/30 00:34:19

The Maze Runner - James Dashner, light but fun YA shit, plenty of cool little layers of conspiracy and mystery that keep it interesting

Frankenrin 2015/08/31 16:21:21


Doge wrote: (Post 1607093)
It's a product of the time it was written so you'll have to deal with stuff like the fact that there are barely any female characters

Well, considering I'm reading 60's Fantastic Four right now where Sue Storm needs to be rescued from almost every villain and says stuff like "I'll better go do some housekeeping" (to which Reed replies "As long as you do it silently"), I think I can handle that. I'll put it on my priority list... still a lot of stuff I want to read first.


Asbestosdeaf wrote:
Currently reading Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

Got that on my to-read shelf as well. I think I chose it because of a quote somewhere that I really, really liked. Looks like just my cup of tea from what you said about it.

Kane 2015/11/28 23:17:40

I just finished the Malazan Book of The Fallen. I can't write some excellent post about it for two reasons - first, I just finished book 10 today, and second, it's hard to really explain how good this is without spoilers. I'm going to have to work on that. Give me a few days or so.

Infestation_Pit 2015/11/29 02:25:00

Only reading books for school at the moment, but eagerly anticipating the eventual 3rd and final part of Peter Watt's Firefall series.

Toementor 2015/11/29 21:42:09

I did start reading the Horseclans novels (original pressings too), but then I moved and my father has them again. So nothing really at the moment. Really need to continue the Dark Tower series tho.

00000 2016/05/31 16:15:39

Almost Transparent Blue - japanese boredom and degeneracy. i like it

Better Ghost 2016/06/03 05:15:06

Picked Malazan back up and am about 1/3 of the way through House of Chains. Karsa's viewpoint started out as completely unsympathetic (which was obviously done on purpose) but he's already gotten a bit better.

Pill 2016/06/04 00:43:07


Better Ghost 2016/06/14 16:47:18

Up to Midnight Tides now. About 650 pages in ten days; that’s not too bad especially considering I’m also working full-time and taking a very intense summer class over a five-week period. I’ll probably get the series done by October or so at this rate.

2666 is awesome. I should re-read it at some point.

Infestation_Pit 2016/06/17 10:38:32

Re-reading Dune. Good book, but I'm looking forward to getting done with it so I can start re-reading Dune Messiah, the true masterpiece of the series.

Sexee 2016/07/14 16:50:50

Just started on Stephen King's Salem's Lot

Better Ghost 2016/07/14 17:26:14

Welcome to the forums :valid:

Around 200 pages into Toll the Hounds now. Looks like I’ll be finished with the series by about mid-August at this rate. Which I guess means I need to pick up The Crippled God soon.

Drav 2016/10/09 00:08:28

Just finished Dostoyevsky's Demons. I get the impression he didn't like socialists much!

(And also Jews, apparently.)

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