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Matt 2017/04/14 10:18:18

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Did anyone pick this up?

I thought this was a good game. I'm looking forward to some DLC, since it's singleplayer only, and therefore might be somewhat substantial.

I rate this game 7/10, however, and feel the lavished praise from gaming outlets was a little unwarranted. There were many issues surrounding the game and content, which can be explained away and justified, but still should affect the score in my opinion.

This was Guerrilla Game's first RPG, and possibly first non-Killzone game. I've never played any of the Killzone games and I probably never will. Therefore, this explains away some of the issues with the game.

Overall, definitely enjoyable. A decent story (though a little sparse at times). Good mechanics. I've been recommending this game to people.

YouTube Video

Dalkaen 2017/04/20 05:57:56

I actually did a YouTube video review on the game. I liked it a lot, probably a bit more than you. It's not perfect, but I really did enjoy it.

YouTube Video

Matt 2017/04/20 09:18:28

I massively enjoyed it, don't get me wrong. Easily one of the best games on the PS4 to date. I just felt it was given a lot of leeway with scores.

The RPG elements were rough (because this is their first Action RPG) The shops were simple and the gear options were as well. I ended the game with a ridiculous amount of shards and nothing to spend them on. I had a pack full of weaves and weapon mods that were generally useless to me or side-grades.

This is just me, but the after-game for me was non-existent. I did all the side quests as they came up and ignored the main quest. By the time I'd unlocked the secret/not-so-secret armour I'd done all side quests and it was sort of game breaking. Once I'd finished that was it, nothing else for me to do :(

I also got my first ever PSN platinum trophy for this game! :D Very pleased with that.

But yeah, definitely a fantastic game. I'm looking forward to some substantial DLC and/or a sequel.

Drav 2017/04/24 12:41:10

It wouldn't be too much of an exaggeration to say that I haven't wanted to play any RPG other than Souls games since Dark Souls. And I'm only half way through Dark Souls 2.

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