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Better Ghost 2015/08/27 04:31:55

General Television Thread
There aren't too many off-season shows I watch (Extant is the only one still running) so I'm spending most of my TV viewing time watching mystery shows. I've zipped through Death in Paradise (except the latest season, which isn't on Netflix), Foyle's War, The Bletchley Circle, and about a season and a half of Longmire which I'm hoping to get caught up on by the time season four comes out. The odd show out is House which is still kind of a mystery. And then there's Daredevil, which I'm almost finished with.

Apart from that I'm mostly waiting for my other shows to come back. I still need to watch the rest of season three of Orphan Black but none of the rest of my family seems interested in it anymore and I'm bad about watching TV by myself, even when it's my favourite show currently running (as Orphan Black is). Apart from that, I'm waiting for Archer, Elementary, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Castle (although the last couple seasons haven't been as good as the show was in its prime), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, Better Call Saul, and probably a lot of other stuff I'm forgetting.

Was season 2 of True Detective as bad as everyone said it was? I loved season 1 and if the new season is half as good as the first one was I'll probably be satisfied.

Anyway, discuss television.

Dalkaen 2015/08/27 22:10:09

I recently binged seasons 1 and 2 of Orphan Black and dug it a lot. Will probably wait until season 3 hits Netflix. Currently watching Toradora because I love cutesy slice-of-life anime.

Drav 2015/08/28 10:57:38


Jeb, The Architect, The Future, The Chosen One wrote: (Post 1607083)
Was season 2 of True Detective as bad as everyone said it was?

It had its moments, but yes.

mithrandir 2015/08/30 00:39:56

I take it you are watching Hannibal Drav? hehe

so, many shows hard to keep up with nowadays, we're current watching the 2nd season of Salem, I really like that show, very "female" focused, lot of great characters

Drav 2015/08/30 06:48:14

Nope. I just think William Blake's paintings are underrated.

KaaVink 2015/09/02 16:25:01

Mr. Robot is currently the best thing I've seen in a long, long time.

Aaron, you should watch it.

Dalkaen 2015/09/02 17:54:58

Watching Eureka Seven now and Brooklyn Nine Nine (rewatch) during workouts.

What's Mr. Robot like?

KaaVink 2015/09/04 11:29:02


Dalkaen wrote: (Post 1607169)
What's Mr. Robot like?

It's pretty damn excellent. Universal critical acclaim all round.

Better Ghost 2015/09/04 16:37:31

I’ll definitely add it to my list. Also, welcome back KaaVink. :valid:

Fidel Castro 2015/09/05 16:18:52

Judging from the premise Dr. Robot seems pretty awesome. I'm not really a TV series guy but I might check it out.

Toementor 2015/09/06 04:04:40

I've been binge watching Justified. Something about the whole neo-Western thing that I'm loving.

Also, the new season of Rick and Morty.

Infestation_Pit 2015/09/06 23:18:57

I started watching Hannibal a few weeks ago but lately I just can't be arsed keeping up. I quite enjoyed the first season with all its rich, artistic murder scenes, but the two later seasons just feel kind of drawn out and boring.
TV and movies in general are not really my thing, but I'll be looking forward to the third season of Silicon Valley.
I can highly recommend this series, as it's actually genuinely funny.

Better Ghost 2015/09/09 15:33:07

The season six première of House was probably the best episode of the show since the season four finale.

Also watching Hell on Wheels, which is pretty entertaining, while waiting for the new season of Longmire (starts tomorrow!), and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which I'm absolutely enchanted by.

What did people think of Colbert as Late Show host? I thought the first episode was pretty good. It was nice to see him as a sincere interviewer for once, which I think he did a much better job at than Stewart used to.

Wonderglue 2015/09/17 18:40:47

I just started watching the X-Files. When i was a kid i always thought the series wasn't very good, cheesy at best. But it is cheesy in all the right way. At least for me. Other than that, i watch Dr.House every now and then. The only on-going show i watch is Game of Thrones. And apart from anime, TV shows in general don't interest me that much. Maybe i should try out more stuff.

Toementor 2015/09/17 20:49:20

I've just started watching BoJack Horseman. Really enjoying it. Great cast and a billion neat recurring cameos.

Dalkaen 2015/09/18 02:55:07

Bojack is great. For what its worth, I think season 2 is a lot better.

Infestation_Pit 2015/09/19 23:15:55

X-Files is great overall. It has a couple of bad episodes that you're honestly better of f skipping, and the show starts to tank seriously around season 6, but there's a lot of entertaining story and interaction between Mulder and Scully in the earlier seasons.
The Erlenmeyer Flask is probably my favorite episode.

Better Ghost 2015/09/20 02:31:21

New Doctor Who was fun.

Better Ghost 2015/11/02 20:21:36

A bit behind here, but "The Woman Who Lived" was probably the best Doctor Who episode since "Listen". Which is actually saying a lot because "Listen" is probably my top episode since "Blink" or thereabouts.

Drav 2015/11/02 23:09:46

Eh, I wasn't keen on it myself. It struck me as a really boring, rote sequel to The Girl Who Died. This week's episode was pretty good though.

Better Ghost 2015/11/03 04:26:58

It probably would've been nothing without Maisie Williams, but I felt the script and acting worked together to create a very powerful hour of television. If I had to criticise anything it would be that the villain felt completely tacked on but it's also one of the most powerful character studies the show has ever done as far as I'm concerned.

I really hope she returns to the show next season. She probably can't be a companion because she'll still be busy with Game of Thrones next year, but if she gets a River Song-like recurring role I won't complain at all. She is confirmed to be showing up in a later episode this season, apparently, so that's good.

Matt 2015/11/03 23:16:08

I still can't get into the Doctor Who stuff, despite it being a fairly large British TV export :/

I watched the first season of Mr Robot recently, which was fairly good. The most notable thing was that most of the computer stuff is legit.

I fully intend on watching Person of Interest, True Detective and Hannibal soon.

I thought Fear the Walking Dead was quite good, but suffered from the short season order (I would've liked a few more episodes of non-zombies where it slowly introduced them, instead them being there in the first episode).

My guilty pleasures are The Flash, Arrow and Defiance.

Sar 2015/11/04 02:49:32

Rick and Morty is my favorite show on television, far and a way, but I still haven't finished season two because I've been keeping myself busy and have had less time to watch television. When I do watch television, it's usually with some friends and we've been watching the new season of South Park which I think has been pretty strong. Over the summer I was watching a lot of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, I watched season one of True Detective three times, and I watched season two only to hate myself for having spent time watching it. Colin Farrell was pretty great in it, though. I've been watching Critical Role, which is a Dungeons and Dragons twitch stream, so that doesn't count, but it's pretty great and I'm pretty obsessed with it.

I tried watching Hannibal and the thing that it really reminded me of Silence of the Lambs was the dimestore psychology. I felt like it was made for teenage boys who are really interested in Jeffery Dahmer and have tons of ironic Hot Topic t-shirts. Madds Mikkelson is great in it, as he always is, but I thought it was a pretty trashy show.

At work my manager watches fucking Supernatural and True Blood and shit like that all day. It makes me want to blow my brains out. But today we settled on Spongebob, which I can get behind.

Drav 2015/11/04 03:04:49

Rick and Morty is amazing.

Better Ghost 2015/11/04 04:26:09

I found a way to watch Mr. Robot so I'll probably start that after school ends. I don't have much time to watch television right now, though. I'm basically just watching Doctor Who and The Blacklist right now. My other shows will have to wait until school ends as well.

The Blacklist is amazingly good this season, btw.

Sar 2015/11/04 07:39:28


Drav wrote: (Post 1607961)
Rick and Morty is amazing.

I'm obsessed with Dan Harmon and his work in general. I think he's so far beyond brilliant that I can't put it into words.

Toementor 2015/11/04 10:03:24


Dalkaen wrote: (Post 1607350)
Bojack is great. For what its worth, I think season 2 is a lot better.

I finished it pretty quickly. Probably a bit too quickly. Either way, definitely looking forward to season three, as I am with the next few seasons of a few other animated shows.


Sar wrote:
I've been watching Critical Role, which is a Dungeons and Dragons twitch stream, so that doesn't count

It's okay. Marg has been watching Bob Ross, so you're alright.

I've finished China, IL within a week and a bit so IDK what to go onto now. Stuff like Moonbeam City, Bob's Burgers and South Park are coming out too slow for my liking despite how great they are. At least there's a new season of Adventure time soon. Maybe I should start something that isn't animated. (lol jk I'm sure there's still plenty of things to watch)

Oh, um... Mr. Pickles...

Drav 2015/11/04 12:07:38


Sar wrote: (Post 1607964)

Drav wrote: (Post 1607961)
Rick and Morty is amazing.

I'm obsessed with Dan Harmon and his work in general. I think he's so far beyond brilliant that I can't put it into words.

Toementor 2015/11/04 12:38:16

This thread is making me feel schwifty.

Manny 2015/11/04 21:45:00

I'm currently on a Narcos / League binge as of late. Gave Bojack Horseman a try and it didn't really do anything for me, may give it another go but meh :-/

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