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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:-$ AIM Dollar AIM Dollar
;-) AIM Wink AIM Wink
8-/ AIM Rolleyes AIM Rolleyes
=-o AIM Eek AIM Eek
:-/ AIM Umm AIM Umm
:-( AIM Frown AIM Frown
:-P AIM Razz AIM Razz
:-) AIM Smile AIM Smile
:-[ AIM Blush AIM Blush
:-! AIM Foot AIM Foot
:-X AIM Oops AIM Oops
8-) AIM Cool AIM Cool
:-D AIM Grin AIM Grin
0=) AIM Angel AIM Angel
>:O AIM Mad AIM Mad
:-* AIM Kiss AIM Kiss
:'( AIM Cry AIM Cry
9-| AIM Pirate AIM Pirate
:-\ AIM Umm AIM Umm
>:O AIM Mad (alt) AIM Mad (alt)
Cookie Monster etc.
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:cubanmonster: Cuban Monster Cuban Monster
:finnishmonster: Finnish Monster Finnish Monster
:acidmonster: Acid Monster Acid Monster
:cockmonster: Cock Monster Cock Monster
:shoopmonster: Shoop Monster Shoop Monster
:sovietmonster: Soviet Monster Soviet Monster
:anarchistmonster: Anarchist Monster Anarchist Monster
:swedishmonster: Swedish Monster Swedish Monster
:greekmonster: Greek Monster Greek Monster
:hablomonster: Hablo Monster Hablo Monster
:britmonster: Brit Monster Brit Monster
:usmonster: US Monster US Monster
:mossadmonster: Mossad Monster Mossad Monster
:norwegianmonster: Norwegian Monster Norwegian Monster
:downsmonster: Downs Monster Downs Monster
Imported Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:shame: shame shame
:heart: heart heart
:disgust: disgust disgust
:satan: Smokin' Satan Smokin' Satan
:kewl: cool3 cool3
:wall: Wall Wall
:repost: repost repost
:leet: leet leet
:dontgetit: Don't get it Don't get it
:god: God is a lie God is a lie
:mom: Mom Mom
:banhim: Ban Him Ban Him
:what: Don't get it Don't get it
:google Google Google
:wtd: What the Deity? What the Deity?
:blowjob: Blowjob Blowjob
:aec: Collective wank Collective wank
:girl: Girls Girls
:whogives: Who gives a fuck? Who gives a fuck?
:hug: Group hug Group hug
:postcount: Post Count Post Count
:suspence: Suspence Suspence
:guitar: Guitar Guitar
:slap: Slap Slap
:wank: Wank Wank
:hi: Hi Hi
:biglove: Big Love Big Love
:rockon: Rock On Rock On
:retard: Retard Retard
:cheers: cheers cheers
:stfuplz: stfu plz stfu plz
:goatse: Goatse Goatse
:imgay: I'm Gay I'm Gay
:evil: Evil Evil
:puke: Puke Puke
:ohnoes: Oh Noes!!!1 Oh Noes!!!1
:bandwagon: Bandwagon Bandwagon
:mexi: mexi mexi
:usrocks: US and Latvia US and Latvia
:asl: ASL? ASL?
:edsmash: Edman Smash Edman Smash
:fine: I'm fine I'm fine
:dedserios: I'm dead serious I'm dead serious
:parks: Parks Parks
:middlefinger: Middle finger Middle finger
:touchdown: Touchdown Touchdown
:trump: Trump Trump
:worthless: Worthless Worthless
:lockd: Locked Locked
:evilwoi: Evil WoI Evil WoI
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:ezmeh: EZBoard Indifferent EZBoard Indifferent
:ezsick: EZBoard Sick EZBoard Sick
:ezfrown: EZBoard Frown EZBoard Frown
:eznerd: EZBoard Nerd EZBoard Nerd
:eztired: EZBoard Tired EZBoard Tired
:ezdevil: EZBoard Devil EZBoard Devil
:ezhappy: EZBoard Happy EZBoard Happy
:ezrofl: EZBoard Rolling on Floor Laughing EZBoard Rolling on Floor Laughing
:ezroll: EZBoard Rolleyes EZBoard Rolleyes
:ezmad: EZBoard Mad EZBoard Mad
:ezsmokin: EZBoard Smokin' EZBoard Smokin'
:ezalien: EZBoard Alien EZBoard Alien
:ezgrin: EZBoard Grin EZBoard Grin
:ezpimp: EZBoard Pimp EZBoard Pimp
:ezwink: EZBoard Wink EZBoard Wink
:ezemb: EZBoard Embarrassed EZBoard Embarrassed
:ezlaugh: EZBoard Laugh EZBoard Laugh
:ezsmile: EZBoard Smile EZBoard Smile
:ezcool: EZBoard Sunglasses EZBoard Sunglasses
:ezohwell: EZBoard Oh Well EZBoard Oh Well
:eztongue: EZBoard Tongue EZBoard Tongue
:ezeek: EZBoard Eek EZBoard Eek
Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:smash: Smash Smash
:aurora: aurora aurora
:slash: slash slash
:toilet: Toilet claw Toilet claw
:eoffcool: Eoff Cool Eoff Cool
:punch: punch punch
:pimp: Pimp Pimp
:luff: Loveshot eyes Loveshot eyes
:baka: baka baka
:piranhapoodles: Piranha Poodles Piranha Poodles
:sweat: sweat sweat
:skull5: Skull5 Skull5
:nya: Hitchhiker's Symbol Hitchhiker's Symbol
:V :V :V
:rock: Rock Rock
:winksmash: smash winking smash winking
:luvu: luv u luv u
:E Big Grin Big Grin
:O_O: eye pop eye pop
:bong: bong bong
:love: love love
:spidey: Spider-Man Spider-Man
:monster: Me want cookie... Me want cookie...
:kew: Kew Kew
:ninja: Ninja Ninja
:*_*: *_* *_*
:alcoholic alcoholic alcoholic
:cry: cry cry
:garfield: Garfield Garfield
:valid: valid valid
:watu: WA Thumbs Up WA Thumbs Up
:! Alarmed Alarmed
:sherlock: Sherlock Sherlock
:trout: trout trout
:eh: eh eh
:grover: Grover Grover
:nyah: Nyah Nyah
:domo: Domo-kun Domo-kun
:O embarrassment embarrassment
:awesomonster: Awesome Monster Awesome Monster
:idea: idea! idea!
:kthxbye: kthxbye kthxbye
:piglet: Piglet Piglet
:fried: Fried Fried
:inerm: In. Erm In. Erm
:winkiss: Wink, kiss Wink, kiss
:snake: Snake Snake
:laughin: laughin' laughin'
:hitit: I'd hit it I'd hit it
:scratch: screatch head screatch head
:stuckuplearn: Stuck-up learn Stuck-up learn
:sweat2: Sweat2 Sweat2
:confused: confused confused
:hanging: hanging hanging
:duel: Duel Duel
:clap: clap clap
:eatarrow: eatarrow eatarrow
:tantrum: Tantrum Tantrum
:barf: Barf Barf
:skull1: Skull1 Skull1
:borg: Borg Borg
:duck: duck duck
:swoon: swoon swoon
:rofl: Rolling on floor laughing my ass off Rolling on floor laughing my ass off
:plotting: Plotting Plotting
:beer: Beer Beer
:winknod: winknod winknod
:naughty: naughty naughty
:meh: meh meh
:gaymusicnote: gaymusicnote gaymusicnote
:skull8: Skull8 Skull8
:arcade: arcade freak arcade freak
;D Je's smiley Je's smiley
:hump: hump hump
:lovers: Lovers Lovers
:karen: Wink Heart (Karen's wink) Wink Heart (Karen's wink)
:wagrin: WA Grin WA Grin
:rolleyes: roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic)
:prabite: Pyrite Rabite Pyrite Rabite
:roll: Rolleyes animated Rolleyes animated
:spam3: Spam #3 Spam #3
:sigh: Sigh Sigh
:td: Thumbs down red Thumbs down red
:pookie: Pookie Pookie
:mofl: mofl mofl
:shade: Shade Shade
:wawink2: WA Wink 2 WA Wink 2
:uhoh: Uh-oh Uh-oh
:aerith: Aerith Aerith
:skeptic: skeptical skeptical
:haha: Nelson small Nelson small
:rofl2: Rolling on floor laughing #2 Rolling on floor laughing #2
:asthanos: asthanos asthanos
:hrm: hrm hrm
:fonz: The Fonz The Fonz
:newbie: newbie newbie
:piewink: piewink piewink
:wark: Wark! Wark!
:???: Confused Confused
:slam: slam slam
:smoke1: Smokin’ Satan Smokin’ Satan
:doublecolbert: Double Colbert Double Colbert
:xp: xP xP
:pukefest: pukefest pukefest
:up: thumbs up thumbs up
:flamethrower: flamethrower flamethrower
:bored: bored bored
:shrug: shrug shrug
:skull: skull skull
:skull4: Skull4 Skull4
:whip: whip whip
:madsmash: smash mad smash mad
:mop: Mop of FuSoYa Mop of FuSoYa
:angel: angel angel
:nuts: nuts nuts
:exdee: exdee exdee
:batman: batman batman
:chainsaw: Chainsaw Chainsaw
:P stick out tongue stick out tongue
:drool: drool drool
:stfutruck: stfutruck stfutruck
:stfuscrub: Scrubs STFU Scrubs STFU
:help: help help
:wacool: WA Cool WA Cool
:-? AIM Confused AIM Confused
:watd: WA Thumbs Down WA Thumbs Down
:isee: I see I see
:monstereat: Monster Eat Monster Eat
:( frown frown
:ego: Ego Ego
:count: The Count The Count
:sulk: Sulk Sulk
:t_t: Crying Crying
:) smile smile
:pig: pig pig
:bullshit: Bullshit Bullshit
:awesome: Awesome Awesome
:music: music music
:inangry: Invis. Angry Invis. Angry
:eeyore: Eeyore Eeyore
:ohmy: Oh my Oh my
;<3) Wink Heart (Karen's wink) Wink Heart (Karen's wink)
:cool: cool cool
:lsvader: Vader lightsaber Vader lightsaber
:stare: Stare Stare
:deadhorse deadhorse deadhorse
:detective: Detective Detective
:plzdie: plz die plz die
:emo: Emo Emo
:queen: queen queen
:bang: bang head on wall bang head on wall
:wacky: Wacky Wacky
:stfu: stfu plz stfu plz
:snog: snog snog
:<3) Smile heart Smile heart
:semicolonpee: Old-style ;p Old-style ;p
:elk: elk elk
:suicide: Suicide Suicide
:explode: explode explode
:^_^: AIM Blush AIM Blush
:argh: argh argh
:ditto: Ditto Ditto
:fish: fish fish
:skull7: Skull7 Skull7
:spit: spit spit
:D big grin big grin
:monocle: monocle monocle
:egosmash: smash egotistical smash egotistical
:nod: Nod Nod
:trzd: winknod winknod
:riiight: Riiight Riiight
:wasad: WA Sad WA Sad
:halftroll: Half-troll Half-troll
:betty: Betty Betty
:rabite: Rabite Rabite
;P winking tongue winking tongue
:worried: Worried Worried
:google: Google Google
:spam2: Spam #2 Spam #2
:link: Link Link
:shy: Shy Shy
:dizzy: dizzy dizzy
:cry2: cry2 cry2
:nermal: Nermal Nermal
:wang: wang wang
:rabitesmash: Rabite Smash Rabite Smash
:wacry: WA Cry WA Cry
:creative: creative creative
:blush: blush blush
:thumbup: Thumbs up Thumbs up
:pirate: Pirate Pirate
;) wink wink
:S sick sick
:lamer: lamer lamer
:gmonster: German Monster German Monster
:moogle: moogle moogle
:wacko2: Wacko 2 Wacko 2
:gj: Good Job Good Job
:rockthrow rock throwing rock throwing
:cointoss: coin toss coin toss
:colbert: Colbert Colbert
:xd: xD xD
:intheclub intheclub intheclub
:down: thumbs down thumbs down
:formoso: formoso formoso
:dead: dead dead
:sad: sad sad
:skull3: Skull3 Skull3
:winkdevil Winkin' Satan Winkin' Satan
:smoke: smoke smoke
:valiwink: Valiwink Valiwink
:violin: World's smallest violin World's smallest violin
:deal: sign here! sign here!
:) smile smile
:sick: sicker sicker
:thankyou: Thank You Thank You
>=E Huge Grin Huge Grin
:zzz: sleep sleep
:poke: Poke Poke
:flush: flush flush
:gay: gay gay
:brickwall brickwall brickwall
:python: Monty Python Foot Monty Python Foot
:shakehead: shake head shake head
:wawink: WA Wink WA Wink
:cuss: cussing cussing
:sleepy: sleepy sleepy
:oscar: Oscar Oscar
:erk: Erk Erk
:blink: blink blink
:whistle: whistle whistle
:catfight: Catfight! Catfight!
:eatsnow: Eating snow Eating snow
:bird: The Bird The Bird
$_$ greedy greedy
:spear: spear spear
:tigger: Tigger Tigger
:inhuh: In. Huh In. Huh
;9 Wink, baby! Wink, baby!
:jen: I'm cute! (Jen) I'm cute! (Jen)
:angel2: Angel2 Angel2
:phaser: Phaser Phaser
:stuckup: Stuck-up Stuck-up
:vein: Vein Vein
:mad: mad mad
:bricks: bricks bricks
:piggy: piggy piggy
:blrabite: Black Rabite Black Rabite
:banana: Banana Banana
:moar: The Moar You Know The Moar You Know
:snicker: Snicker Snicker
:invasion: Invasion Invasion
:smug: Smug Smug
:rocker: rocker rocker
:birthday: happy birthday! happy birthday!
:toastjump toastjump toastjump
:ninja2: ninja2 ninja2
:bounce: Bouncy Bouncy
:noteeth: no teeth no teeth
:sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop
:skull6: Skull6 Skull6
:twitch: twitch twitch
:triplecolbert: Triple Colbert Triple Colbert
:teach: Teach Teach
;( sad face sad face
:deranged: Deranged Deranged
:grinsmash: smash grinning smash grinning
:thwack: Thwack Thwack
:laugh: Laugh Laugh
:knife: knife knife
:mad: mad mad
:madmad: madmad madmad
:monsterstoned: cookie monster stoned cookie monster stoned
8=( Bug-eyed frown Bug-eyed frown
:gayfight: Gay Fight Gay Fight
:hat: Dr. Seuss Hat Dr. Seuss Hat
:yourmom: Your MOM! Your MOM!
:spammer: I hate spammers! I hate spammers!
:king: King King
:brick: brick brick
:odie: Odie Odie
:wamad: WA Mad WA Mad
:troll: Troll Troll
:scissors: scissors scissors
:stupid: I'm with stupid I'm with stupid
:yus: yus yus
:sheldon: Sheldon Sheldon
:wachirp: WA Chirpy WA Chirpy
:lol: lol lol
:O_o: O_o O_o
:clickbang clickbang clickbang
:thumbdown Thumbs down Thumbs down
:gonk: Gonk Gonk
:D big grin big grin
:rant: Rant Rant
:sadpanda: Sad Panda Sad Panda
:cookiemonster: Cookie Monster Cookie Monster
:cthulhu: Cthulhu Cthulhu
:ninjapoke: Ninja Poke Ninja Poke
:-| meh meh
:censored: Censored Censored
:rawr: Rawr Rawr
:puppyeyes puppy eyes puppy eyes
:smokin: Smokin’ Smokin’
:piratemonocle: Pirate Monocle Pirate Monocle
:talk2hand: Talk to the hand Talk to the hand
:( frown frown
:whack: headhitter headhitter
:lmao: LMAO LMAO
;blush; winking blush winking blush
:blah: drex blah drex blah
:krapcool: kraptastica cool kraptastica cool
:skull2: Skull2 Skull2
:offtopic: Off Topic! Off Topic!
:banme: ban me ban me
:tati: tati tati
:luv: Luv Luv
:irked: Irked Irked
:erm: erm erm
:eek: eek! eek!
:hang: hang to dry hang to dry
:yuck: yuck yuck
:automonocle: Auto-Monocle Auto-Monocle
:bunny: bunny bunny
:hodor: Hodor hodor hodor Hodor hodor hodor
:boxing: boxing boxing
;<3) Wink Heart (Karen's wink alt) Wink Heart (Karen's wink alt)
:toilet2: Toilet 2 Toilet 2
:blackrabite: Black Rabite Black Rabite
:waomfg: WA OMFG WA OMFG
:-0 redface redface
:@ pissed off pissed off
:mad2: Mad 2 Mad 2
:shootspam: Spam Shoot Spam Shoot
:ashamed: Ashamed Ashamed
:dead: Dead Dead
:error: error error
:tu: Thumbs up red Thumbs up red
:pooh: Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh
:kiss: kiss kiss
:waeek: WA Eek WA Eek
:wacko: Wacko Wacko
:aww: Aww Aww
:shifty: shifty shifty
:chinrub: Chinrub Chinrub
:squall: whatever whatever
:scream: Scream Scream
:basket: basketball basketball
:urinal: urinal urinal
:rolleyes: roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic)
:cool: cool cool
:eek: eek! eek!
:trollface: Trollface Trollface
:iiam: It is a mystery It is a mystery
:frogout: Get out frog Get out frog
:ohdear: Oh dear Oh dear
:psyduck: Psyduck Psyduck
In jokes
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:fart: Fart Fart
:ieflames: ie flames ie flames
:coolsun: Coolsun Coolsun
:jiggle: jiggle jiggle
:stalin: Stalin Stalin
:iceburn: Ice Burn Ice Burn
:disconnect: Disconnect yourself Disconnect yourself
:facepalm3: Sisko Facepalm Sisko Facepalm
:nic: Nic Nic
:clan: Clan Clan
:penguin: Drunken Penguin Drunken Penguin
:7inches: Hitlar "Seven inches" Hitlar "Seven inches"
:steamloller: steamloller steamloller
:south: Fuck the South! Fuck the South!
:hasselfreed: Hasselfreed Hasselfreed
:kuja: kuja cosplay kuja cosplay
:stallowned: Stallowned Stallowned
:gjawesomonster: Great Justice Awesome Monster Great Justice Awesome Monster
:popcorn: Popcorn Popcorn
:cookie: Cookie Cookie
:owned: Owned Owned
;-/ Stupid SimMarine thing Stupid SimMarine thing
:gir2: Gir 2 Gir 2
:stfugore: STFU (Al Gore) STFU (Al Gore)
:zerowing: Zero Wing Zero Wing
:shake: harlem shake harlem shake
:roflcopter: roflcopter roflcopter
:facepalm: Picard Facepalm Picard Facepalm
:lol2: LOL obnoxious LOL obnoxious
:homo: Homo Homo
:stfumonster: STFU Monster STFU Monster
:hippie: I bet you'll vote next time, hippie! I bet you'll vote next time, hippie!
:rollvomit: Rolleyes vomit Rolleyes vomit
:pedobear: Pedobear Pedobear
:badgerrawk: badger rawking out badger rawking out
:hijack: I'm hijacking your thread, punk I'm hijacking your thread, punk
:lollerskates: lollerskates lollerskates
:served: CK Served CK Served
:mypost: My post can beat up your post My post can beat up your post
:lmaoplane: LMAOplane LMAOplane
:kittyloaf Kittyloaf Kittyloaf
:facepalm4: Facepalm 4 Facepalm 4
:monstersmashed: Monster Smashed Monster Smashed
:ttiwwp: Worthless without pics Worthless without pics
:hozac: Hozac Hozac
:potatowned: Potatowned Potatowned
:ohsnap3: Oh Snap #3 Oh Snap #3
:jimmyhat: jimmyhat jimmyhat
:learn: Learn Learn
:ohsnape: Oh Snape! Oh Snape!
:f: F F
:smithlolz Agent Smith Agent Smith
:other: Other Other
:exciting: Exciting Exciting
:chop: i chop u wth my sord. u have ben choped. i chop u wth my sord. u have ben choped.
:linkinpark: Linkin Park Linkin Park
:hasselhoff: Hasselhoff Hasselhoff
:stfuofficespace: STFU Office Space STFU Office Space
:drama: Oh the drama! Oh the drama!
:knock: Hitlar knock knock Hitlar knock knock
:stfunoob: Stfu Noob Stfu Noob
:gawesomonster: German Awesome Monster German Awesome Monster
:nodice2: No Dice 2 No Dice 2
:madhouse: Mad House Mad House
:masturbate: Masturbate Masturbate
:hootersmonster: Hooters Monster Hooters Monster
:dance: :DZ-< :DZ-<
:rollbarf: Rolleyes barf Rolleyes barf
:gir: Gir Gir
:numajoel: Numa Numa Joel Numa Numa Joel
:badger: Badger Badger
:sophia: Sophia III Moras MA-01 Sophia III Moras MA-01
:ohsnap: Oh Snap! Oh Snap!
:willie: Willie hears ya, willie don't care Willie hears ya, willie don't care
:justdoit: Nike Nike
:winkchick winkchick winkchick
:mariohitit: Mario would hit it Mario would hit it
:cockmonger: Cockmonger Cockmonger
:banhammer: Banhammer Banhammer
:megaroll: Rolleyes squared Rolleyes squared
:lollercaust: Lollercaust Lollercaust
:brbjesus: brb jesus brb jesus
:kinged: King Edczxcvbnm, as depicted by Kawaii Ryûkishi King Edczxcvbnm, as depicted by Kawaii Ryûkishi
:wakeme: Wake me up when this thread gets interesting Wake me up when this thread gets interesting
:failship: Shipment of Fail Shipment of Fail
:monstersmash: Monster Smash Monster Smash
:rorschach: Rorschach Rorschach
:shitthread: This thread are shit This thread are shit
:aaron: Aaron Freed sux cox imho Aaron Freed sux cox imho
:hindenberg: Owned (Hindenberg) Owned (Hindenberg)
:fatowned: Owned (Fat Kid) Owned (Fat Kid)
:guttedball: Guttedball Guttedball
:jesus: jesus jesus
:giantmonster: Giant Monster Giant Monster
:pissbreak: President Bush's Piss Break President Bush's Piss Break
:stfushredder: STFU (Shredder) STFU (Shredder)
:cliffs: Cliffs Notes on Your Post Cliffs Notes on Your Post
:nelson: Nelson Nelson
:hitlar: hitlar tiem hitlar tiem
:kishi: Kawaii Ryûkishi Kawaii Ryûkishi
:picardfinger: Picard Finger Picard Finger
:tl;dr: Too long; didn't read Too long; didn't read
:fuckingstupid: Don't Be So Fucking Stupid Don't Be So Fucking Stupid
:fart2: Fart 2 Fart 2
:cellphowned: Self-owned Self-owned
:fuckit: Fuck it dude, let's hit the weights Fuck it dude, let's hit the weights
:jesuslaser: Jesus Laser Jesus Laser
:internets: Internets Internets
:forget: Forget Forget
:lsg: Little Sword Guy Little Sword Guy
:piptransvestite: PiPtransvestite PiPtransvestite
:stfufalilv: STFU from Fear and Loathing STFU from Fear and Loathing
:nodice: No Dice No Dice
:obamawesome: Obama Awesome Obama Awesome
:stfuyoda: STFU Yoda STFU Yoda
:trippingpimp: Tripping Pimp Tripping Pimp
:icecream: Ice Cream Ice Cream
:word: Word Word
:cba: Can't be arsed Can't be arsed
:duhard: Duhard Duhard
:ohsnap2: Oh Snap Whitey Oh Snap Whitey
:stfu4: Four Words: STFU Four Words: STFU
:bleys: Bleys Bleys
:giantmonstersmash: Giant Monster Smash Giant Monster Smash
:maddox: Maddox Maddox
:angst: Angst Angst
:giveadamn: Attempting to give a damn Attempting to give a damn
:snapelol: Snape, LOL Snape, LOL
:winkazn: Winking Asian Winking Asian
:donkbert: Donkbert Donkbert
:ancient: Ancient Ancient
:elite: elite elite
:stfutruck1: stfutruck1 stfutruck1
:fail: Fail, Brought to You by Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke Fail, Brought to You by Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke
:marick: You Marick imho You Marick imho
:wrong: Wrong Wrong
;ultros; winking ultros winking ultros
:beware: Beware of Spam Beware of Spam
:mapquest: MapQuest MapQuest
:spank: spank spank
:stfuahnold: STFU (Ahnold) STFU (Ahnold)
:bushowned: Owned Bush Owned Bush
:gandalf: Gandalf: "You cannot pass" Gandalf: "You cannot pass"
:facepalm2: Picard Double Facepalm Picard Double Facepalm
:lol3: LOL retards LOL retards
:ocelot: Ocelot hand gesture Ocelot hand gesture
:linkinpark2: Linkin Park Bush Linkin Park Bush
:firingsquad: Firing Squad from 'Nam Firing Squad from 'Nam
:ackbar: Admiral Ackbar Admiral Ackbar
:hitlarmelon: Hitler with watermelon Hitler with watermelon
:imsrry: i'm srry i'm srry
:validsmash: smash valid smash valid
:info: Thanks for the info! Thanks for the info!
:tau: tau tau
:silly: Silly Silly
:raistlin: Raistlin Raistlin
:wgas: Who Gives a Shit Who Gives a Shit
:nein: Nein Nein
:cupofstfu: cup of STFU cup of STFU
:catpimp: Cat-pimp Cat-pimp
:pics: pics pics
:ohsnap4: Oh snap #4 Oh snap #4
:swowned: Owned (Palpatine) Owned (Palpatine)
:starfall: Stalker Alert Stalker Alert
:monstermatrix: Monster Matrix Monster Matrix
:automonster: Auto-Monster Auto-Monster
Video Game Sprites
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:no: no no
:wopwop: Kefka Laughing Kefka Laughing
:gogo: FFVI Gogo FFVI Gogo
:cain: cain cain
:edslash: Edgar Slash Edgar Slash
:blinky: Blinky Blinky
:luigiw: Luigi (SMW) Luigi (SMW)
:blackblt: FF1 Black Belt FF1 Black Belt
:yoshi: Yoshi Yoshi
:para: Parakoopa Parakoopa
:whitewiz: FF1 White Mage FF1 White Mage
:celes: FFVI Celes FFVI Celes
:peach: peach peach
:mariobox: Mario Question Mark Box Mario Question Mark Box
:sing: Maria Singing Maria Singing
:sabin1: FFVI Sabin FFVI Sabin
:unne: FF1 Dr Unne FF1 Dr Unne
:negative: Negative Negative
:pacman: Pacman Pacman
:link2: link2 link2
:rydia: Rydia Rydia
:terra: Terra wind Terra wind
:mario3: Mario (SMB3) Mario (SMB3)
:fighter: FF1 Fighter FF1 Fighter
:treasure: Hawkeye opening treasure Hawkeye opening treasure
:luigi: Luigi Luigi
:finger: Edgar finger Edgar finger
:kefka: Kefka Finger Kefka Finger
:sshadow: Shadow Emerald Shadow Emerald
:toadstool2: Princess Toadstool (SMB2) Princess Toadstool (SMB2)
:locke: FFVI Locke FFVI Locke
:mega: Megaman Megaman
:reis: fft - reis fft - reis
:strago: FFVI Strago FFVI Strago
:cucco: cucco cucco
:bowsercry Bowser Cry Bowser Cry
:clyde: Clyde Clyde
:luigi2: Luigi (SMB2) Luigi (SMB2)
:bikke: FF1 Bikke FF1 Bikke
:toad: Toad Toad
:ultros: Ultros Ultros
:yoshi1: Yoshi from Yoshi's Island Yoshi from Yoshi's Island
:thief: FF1 Thief FF1 Thief
:gau: FFVI Gau FFVI Gau
:monkey: Monkey Monkey
:cape: Magus Magus
:megahammer: megahammer megahammer
:lise: Lise Lise
:mogshock: Mog Shock Mog Shock
:umaro: FFVI Umaro FFVI Umaro
:waving: Esper Terra waving Esper Terra waving
:mario2: Mario (SMB2) Mario (SMB2)
:fairy: FF1 Fairy FF1 Fairy
:angela: Angela Angela
:mario: Mario Mario
:janus: Janus Janus
:amy: Amy Hammer Amy Hammer
:toad2: Toad (SMB2) Toad (SMB2)
:edgar: FFVI Edgar FFVI Edgar
:marche: ffta - marche ffta - marche
:shadow: FFVI Shadow FFVI Shadow
:redwiz: FF1 Red Mage FF1 Red Mage
:inkey: Inkey Inkey
:luigi1: Luigi (SMB) Luigi (SMB)
:myoshi: Mario and Yoshi Mario and Yoshi
:sara: FF1 Sara FF1 Sara
:duran: Duran Duran
:esper: Esper Terra Esper Terra
:knuckles: Respek Knuckles Respek Knuckles
:relm: FFVI Relm FFVI Relm
:fatman: fatman fatman
:terra1: FFVI Terra FFVI Terra
:dalton: Dalton Dalton
:blueghost: Blue ghost Blue ghost
:mario1: Mario (SMB) Mario (SMB)
:blackwiz: FF1 Black Mage FF1 Black Mage
:koopa: Koopa Koopa
:bowser2: Bowser Bowser
:racoonmario: Racoon Mario (SMB3) Racoon Mario (SMB3)
:cyan: FFVI Cyan FFVI Cyan
:metroid: metroid metroid
:luca: Luca Blight Luca Blight
:montblanc: ffta - montblanc ffta - montblanc
:setzer: FFVI Setzer FFVI Setzer
:garland: FF1 Garland FF1 Garland
:sabin: Sabin laughing Sabin laughing
:ness: Ness Ness
:pinky: Pinky Pinky
:sonic: Sonic Sonic
:koopa: Koopa Koopa
:mariow: Mario (SMW) Mario (SMW)
:matoya: FF1 Matoya FF1 Matoya
:heal: Hawkeye healing Hawkeye healing
:bowser: Bowser Bowser
:tails: Tails Tails
:mog: FFVI Mog FFVI Mog
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:orly: o rly? o rly?
:yarly: ya rly ya rly
:nowai: No wai! No wai!
:notrly: Not rly Not rly
:nou: no u no u
:ilold: I lol'd I lol'd
:validimho: Valid, imho! Valid, imho!
:nooowl: NOOO! (OWL) NOOO! (OWL)
:owl<3: <3 (OWL) <3 (OWL)
:ohsnap5: OH SNAP! (OWL) OH SNAP! (OWL)
:killj00: I'LL KILL J00! I'LL KILL J00!
:loln00b: LOL N00B LOL N00B
Wayfarer Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:no2: No 2 No 2
:vsad: Very Sad Very Sad
:yes: yes yes
:greedy: greedy greedy
:love3: Love 3 Love 3
:conure: Conure Conure
:hail: Hail Hail
:fwahaha: Fwahaha Fwahaha
:love2: Love 2 Love 2
:ahoy: Ahoy Ahoy
:vglad: Very Glad Very Glad
:cool3: Cool 3 Cool 3
:mad3: Mad 3 Mad 3
:winkheart: Wink Heart Wink Heart
:cool2: Cool 2 Cool 2
:kefka2: Kefka Laughing Kefka Laughing
:cursing: Cursing Cursing
:magus: Magus Magus
:mudkip2: Mudkip 2 Mudkip 2
:grouphug: Group Hug Group Hug
:mudkip1: Mudkip 1 Mudkip 1
:drunk: Drunk Drunk
:pink: Pink Pink
:immortal: Immortal Immortal
:deadhorse: Dead Horse Dead Horse
:whassup: Whassup? Whassup?
:trudat: Tru Dat Tru Dat
:culkin: Culkin Culkin
:lolz: Lolz Lolz
:thrust: *pelvic thrust* *pelvic thrust*
:kirby: Kirby Kirby
:polarbear: Polar Bear Polar Bear
:woi3: Words of Ivory 3 Words of Ivory 3
:sue: Words of Litigation Words of Litigation
:woi2: Words of Ivory 2 Words of Ivory 2
:woi: WoI WoI
:elmo: Elmo Elmo
:religion: Science and Religion Science and Religion
:milly: Milly Milly
:tldr: Too long; didn't read Too long; didn't read
:hail2: Hail2 Hail2
:objection: Objection! Objection!
:abelwoi: Abel and WoI Abel and WoI
:burzum: Burzum Burzum
:fourams: Four Rams Four Rams
:hitler: Hitlar Tiem Hitlar Tiem
:downer: Debbie Downer Debbie Downer
:failure: Failure Failure
:nigga: Nigga Nigga
:gaybanana: Gay Banana Gay Banana
:sadpb: Sad Polar Bear Sad Polar Bear
:serios: Are you serious? Are you serious?
:bros: Bros before hos Bros before hos
:hugemonster: Huge Monster Huge Monster
:vader: Vader Vader
:linda: Linda Linda
:spiderjew: Spider-Jew Spider-Jew
Big Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:griffinsvomit: Griffins Vomit Griffins Vomit
:slapjoffrey: Slap Joffrey Slap Joffrey
:lizlemon: Liz Lemon Liz Lemon
:planevomit: Plane Vomit Plane Vomit
:mal: Mal Mal
:kirkwhat: Kirk What Kirk What
:applause: Applause Applause
:slapjoffrey2: Slap Joffrey 2 Slap Joffrey 2
:colbertwhat: Colbert What Colbert What
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:sayid: Sayid Sayid

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